Oversea Sponsorship Establishment

provides support for a better educational system and improve quality of life of the children living in poor areas and mountain villages. It maintains close cooperation and management with the overseas branches for more children to be supported. There are still more poor countries needing for assistant, and there are still a lot of children waiting for your support.


Capital Manila Language Tagalog, English
Population 96 million (2011) Average income per person 2,250 dollars (2011)
Average lifespan 71 years (2008) Birthrate 3 people (2008)
Funded region Capas, Angeles Child Sponsor Director Capas: Cho Yoon Soo, Angeles: Oh Jae Woong


Capital Nairobi Language English, Swahili
Population 44.04 million (2013) Average income per person 994 dollars (2012)
Average lifespan 57 years (2008) Birthrate 5 people (2008)
Funded region Nairobi, Ilmarba, Mombasa, Moyale, Munge Child Sponsor Director Ilmarba: Lee Han Yong, Nairobi: Oh Eun Kyung, Mombasa: Lee Young Chan, Moyale: Lee Won Chul, Munge: Ji Dong Oh, Turkana: Kang Sung


Capital Lilongwe Language English, Chichewa
Population 1.6 million (2013) Average income per person 900 dollars (2013)
Average lifespan 43 years (2008) Birthrate 5 people (2008)
Funded region Makandi Child Sponsor Director Kim Yong Jin.


Capital Phnom Penh Language Khmer
Population 14.7 million (2011) Average income per person 802 dollars (2010)
Average lifespan 63 years (2011) Birthrate 2.7 people (2009)
Funded region Phnom Penh Child Sponsor Director Phnom Penh: Koo Hyun Suh


Capital Sucre(Judicial), La Paz (Administrative) Language Spanish, Chiquitano, Aymara
Population 10.46 million (2013) Average income per person 2,575 dollars (2012)
Average lifespan 68 years (2009) Birthrate 3.5 people
Funded region Santa Cruz Child Sponsor Director Cho Soon Hee