Oversea Sponsorship Establishment

provides support for a better educational system and improve quality of life of the children living in poor areas and mountain villages. It maintains close cooperation and management with the overseas branches for more children to be supported. There are still more poor countries needing for assistant, and there are still a lot of children waiting for your support.


Capital Kigali Language French, English, Kinyarwanda
Population 12million Average income per person 723 dollars (2013)
Currency Rwandan Franc Education Elementary 6 years, Middle, high school 6 years.
Funded region Kigali


Capital New Delhi Language India 14 spoken languages, English(commonly used)
Population 1.22 billion (2013) Average income per person 1,491 dollars (in 2013)
Average lifespan 69 years (2008) Birthrate 3 people (2008)
Funded region New Delhi’s Indra Park, Munirka, Sahabad dairy, Saharanpur, Sangam Vihar, Chennai Child Sponsor Director New Delhi: Park Seung Chul, Chennai: Won Jong Pil


Capital Vientiane Language Lao
Population 6.6 million (2013) Average income per person 1,673 dollars (2013)
Average lifespan 56 years (2008) Birthrate 4.5 people (2008)
Climate tropical monsoon Funded region Longxan
Child Sponsor Director Sunwoo MiMyeong


Capital Katmandu Language Nepali
Population 30.5 million Average income per person 626 dollars (2012)
Average lifespan 61 years (2008) Average lifespan 4 people (2008)
Funded region Siraha Child Sponsor Director Kim Jin Man


Capital Ulanbaator Language Mongolian
Language 2.93 million Average income per person 5,200 dollars (2012)
Average lifespan 67.6 years (2013) Birthrate 2.18 people (2013)
Climate continental climate Funded region Ulanbaator
Child Sponsor Director Han Byung Ki