Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • Held 'Color It Warm'
      • Started ‘Water Changes Everything’ campaign with actress Shim Hye-jin
      • Mycobiomed supported two hemoglobin meters to Uganda
      • Extension ceremony of the dormitory of Ugandan Hope School
      • Completion ceremony of Maternal Ward with KOICA by means of Ugandan Maternal and Children’s Health and Nutrition Improvement Project
      • Delivered 1,000 Hope Boxes to Busan
      • Delivered 600 Hope Boxes to Yangju
    2. 11
      • Held 2019 Good People Day 'Make the Good Day'
      • Held 2019 ‘Share Hopes Boxing Day’
      • Sent relief supplies to typoon-affected Uljin area
      • 5th completion ceremony of ‘Beautiful Classroom', Vietnam
      • Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch and Samsung Smart City held Gumi elementary school breakfast support project
      • President of Blue Industry Co., Ltd, Park Hyangnam, joined Honors Club
    3. 10
      • 2019 ‘Share Hopes Boxing Day’ fundraising campaign
      • Donation ceremony of drinking water improvement project in Vietnam with Korea Vacuum Safety Co., Ltd.
      • Appointed World Record holder for high-rise bicycles as Sharing Ambassador
      • Good People Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch held youth support campaign at Samsung Nanum Walking Festival
    4. 9
      • Small donation campaign 'Share love with 5$ a month'
      • 2019 Gangnam Festival Fashion Show donation fashion market
      • Good People-Nature Lab signed business agreement
      • Good People-Korea Council of Group home for Children & Youth signed business agreement
      • Joo Young-Hee, center director of Haedrim Visiting Nursing Center, joined Honors Club
      • Kim Jin-Su, CEO of Gana Co., Ltd., joined Honors Club
      • Good People-Jeongeup city signed business agreement
    5. 8
      • Madagascar field trip of sponsors of 2019
      • Good People-Kuang Dong Solar Co., Ltd. signed a business agreement and joined the Honors Club
      • Good People Busan branch opening ceremony
      • 2019 domestic branch workshop
      • Good People-Lotte Hi-Mart donated air conditioning appliances to low income families
      • Smart donation box using space donation
      • Clean water campaign with Gimpo Aramarine Festival
    6. 7
      • Donation ceremony for drinking water improvement project in Tân Bình, Bến Tre province, Vietnam
      • School bus donation ceremony for Bethany Mission Centre, Mombasa, Kenya
      • Donation ceremony for solar wells in Turkana, Kenya
      • 2nd graduation ceremony of Lim Youn Sim Mission School, Turkana, Kenya
      • Cultural arts activities with the visually impaired, 'Solidarity Project'
      • Cultural day event to improve welfare of employees
      • Supported feminine hygiene products, Good People-Daehan Bio Pharm Co., Ltd. signed business agreement
      • Good People-Uiwang Urban Corporation business agreement
      • Good People-Yoido Full Gospel Kwangmyeong Church business agreement
    7. 6
      • [Vietnam] 3rd entrance ceremony of 'Beautiful Classroom' for fostering of female workforce
      • Good People-ITBC business agreement
      •   Healingedu donated funds for marginalized neighbors
      • ODFriends delivered eco-friendly bookcases and furniture to group homes and local children's centers
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for low income families(Incheon/1655th)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for pastoral families(Gangwon/1656th)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the vulnerable class(Gyeonggi/1657th)
      •   'Medical Service of Love' for the vulnerable class(Jeonnam/1658th)
    8. 5
      • Process 3rd Good People Donation Marathon, Helping Children with Rare Incurable Diseases
      • 2019 Workshop of overseas branch manager
      • Yoo, Chang-ok, comtree of Happy Dream joined Honus Club
      • Nam, Samg-hyun, comtree of PaBang-car joined Honus Club
      • (2nd) Dlive opened 'Gift of Music' with Good People
      • Welcron_Group, Supports 100 Million Won Women’s Supplies for Low-Income women in Mongolia
      • Participated in the 13th parent health culture festival in JeonGyoJo
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for basic living security received people (Seoul/1654)
    9. 4
      • JeonGyoJo opening ceremony of Good People
      • President Lim, Dong-wook of IHLSHIN Chemical, joined Honers Club
      • Dlive opened 'Gift of Music' with Good People
      • Amani Choir of Kenya visited Korea and performed national tour
      • Air Seoul, Fund-raising campaign in-flight with Good People
      • Yoido Full Gospel Church signed to help neighbors
      • [Vietnam] 2nd Support Project of Korea Vacuum Safety and Drinking Water
      • Children's Art Contest with Lotte Department Store
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the local resident (Jum-nam/1651)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the foreign worker (Incheon/1652)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Multicultural Families (Seoul/1653)
    10. 3
      • [Vietnam] Furok Kindergarten Groundbreaking Ceremony
      • People&Com, proceeding donation business notebook
      • TtobongeeF&S signed to help domestic and overseas low-income families
      • Gyeonggi-do Social Welfare Association. signed for children in welfare area
      • Lotte Chilsung Signed to help dysbasia children with Drinking
      • Okay Coin Bank. donates the coffee machine of Cold brew to Good People
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Disabled Persons (Kangwon-do/1650)
      • ‘Medical Service of Love’ for Multicultural Families (Kwang-myeong/1651)
    11. 2
      • Aqua Planet in Ilsan, campaign to prevent missing child
      • Named ‘Nam, Bo-la’ as a honorary ambassador
      • Welcome home party for the volunteers
      • The anniversary of the founding of Good People (February 26)
      • Good people Workshop for 2019 the first half year
      • Lotte-Himart, Proceed astronomy science outing with Children of local children's center
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for senior citizens who lives alone (Seoul/1649)
    12. 1
      • '101 Dalmatians donation run', Support for children having heart disease
      • [Philippines] Dormitory Completion Ceremony of Santa Juliana
      • [Philippines] Groundbreaking ceremony at the health center of Angeles
      • [Vietnam] Korea Vacuum Safety, Water Improvement Project donation ceremony
      • 'Love Concert' in Pyeong-taek Full Gospel Church
      • Actress Nam, Bo-la, Proceed sharing lecture which is New employess of Donation of TVs from Lotte-Himart
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for senior citizens who lives alone (Seoul/1647)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for homeless (Seoul/1648)
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