Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • Televise MBC Global Sharing Project 'Children shorn of dream'
      • Byung, Chul-ahn and Won, Sun-cho(Personal donors) joined the Honors Club
      • [Yangju City] Good People–Korea Vacuum Safety-Vitamin Angels, Year-end Sharing
      • Good People-PaBang-car, signed business agreement
      • Good People-Korea Roche Holds 'Healing Festa'
      • Pfizer Korea, Delivered Campaign Fund of rare Disease
      • [Namdaemun side village] delivered 700 sets of grocery kit
      • ING Team, donates 50 sets of environmentally hygienic band 'pink dots'
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for residents of medical treatment center (Yongin/1644)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Grandparent Family (Yangju/1645)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Homeless person (Seoul Station/1646)
    2. 11
      • Named Daniel & Emotio as a honorary ambassador
      • Held 2018 Hope Sharing Boxing Day
      • Megician Gwon, Sun-il and Lee, Kyung-bok couple as a honorary ambassador
      • Smartree signed MOU to Help people in need
      • Caisinfo signed MOU to help domestic children
      • PaBang-car, Donated one car
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Elderly People (Wan-joo/1641)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Homeless (Seoul/1642)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for residents (Hong-cheon/1643)
      • Progress Good People Day
    3. 10
      • Branch 'KCBL Celebrity Basketball’ with NGO Good People
      • Branch '2018 Celebrity Charity Bowling Tournament' with Pro 'Park, Kyung-shin and NGO Good People'
      • [Vietnam] Good People-KERKER Angel beauty service
      • Signs for KORAIL with MOU to spread of Sharing Culture
      • Korea social welfare council sign MOU for grocery support for vulnerable classes
      • Gumi-Jeil Church opened Love Concert
      • Seegene Medical Center develops volunteer activities in Madagascar
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Multicultural Family (Icheon/1638)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for Elderly and Disabled Persons (Jeong-eup/1639)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the residents of slice room (Seoul/1649)
    4. 9
      • Kenya Athletics Hero David Rudysha, Appointed President of Good People Imani Athletic Center
      • Opened 3rd Dream-filled, writing Hopeful Letter Contest
      • As part of a project to support infants
      • Good People-Honors Club, to host Breakfast Meeting
      • Moon, Seung-hyun, Comtree of Domestic Corporation joined Honors Club
      • Ahn, Soo-nam, CEO of Da-sol joined Honors Club
      • Park, Wan-joo, CEO of Helpers-High joined Honors Club
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the working poor (Guro/1635)
      • 'Medical Service of Love' for the elderly living alone (Gyeongsangnam-do/ 1636)
      • ‘Medical Service of Love' for Disabled Persons (Bu-pyeong/1637)
    5. 8
      • Wizbl to support for the Kenya Athletics
      • 13 students of Kenya's Bethany School Visit to Korea
      • A groundbreaking ceremony for a health center and a cultural center for the underprivileged in Vietnam
      • Donation ceremony [KCBL Celebrity Basketball Competition]
      • Madagascar, affected by the Cyclone, marking the completion of the Bethany School
      • Medical treatment of Medical Service of Love for the disabled in Dunnae of Gangwon-do
      • Medical treatment of Medical Service of Love and mercy for old people in Wando of Jeonnam
    6. 7
      • Singer Ha,Man-taek, joined Honors Club
      • Named Park,Sae-hoon(individual), joined Honors Club
      • Pastor Lee, Jin-Jong of Korean Canadian Church, delivery donation
      • The 1st annual Social Economic Award, Kang, Dae-sung, of a permanent member of the Good People
      • ‘Medical Service of Love’ for the elderly living alone
      • ‘Medical Service of Love’ for Multicultural Families
      • ‘Medical Service of Love’ for Homeless People
    7. 6
      • Good people-[Vietnam] Opening ceremony of 4th 'Beautiful class' with Aisana Airlines
      • Visit Program for Sponsored Child 'Housewarming Project’
      • MBC-Good People, Special Program for Against World Child Labor
      • Campaign for 'World Day Against Child Labor’
    8. 5
      • Branch ‘KCBL Celebrity Basketball Contest’ Miracle Rebound
      • Children's Day, "Helping with Rare Incurable Diseases" Campaign
      • Process Good People Donation Marathon, Helping Children with Rare Incurable Diseases
      • Love concert to help Korean children
      • ‘WonderPlace’ Clothing delivery ceremony for a neglected class
      • Pacom Korea supports 10,000 baby bags
      • Workshop of overseas branch manager
      • Workshop sponsored by domestic child support organizations
    9. 4
      • Medical treatment of Medical Service of Love for deaf mutism of In-jae
      • Named ‘Park, Ji-hoon’ as a honorary ambassador
      • Actor ‘Jung-joon’ as a honorary ambassador
      • Vitamin delivery of Kowakorea
      • Branch Co-campaign With Han-mi
    10. 3
      • Actor ‘Jung-joon’ as a honorary ambassador
      • ‘Healing Concert’ to help children with rare diseases in Korea
      • Held 8th Social Welfare Cooperation Good People board meeting of directors
      • Love Medical Service, Medical Service for Foreign Workers
      • Lee, Jae-min, Comtree of ‘ICHEON SAFE’, joined Honors Club
      • Sim, Woo-jun, Head the team of ‘KYUNGSUNG TELECOM’, joined Honers Club
      • Kim, Young-suk of GNS joined Honers Club
      • Park, Yung-gwan, president of Hyewon Hospital, joined Honers Club
      • Im, Eun-tae, president joined Honers Club
      • An- Byung-gwang, president of Union medical joined Honers Club
      • Kim, Un-gon, Comtree of KB Chem joined Honers Club
    11. 2
      • The completion ceremony of extention of Yangpyeong Shelter's living hall
      • United Dental Group, signed MOU for 2018 Donation Marathon
      • Delivery of daily necessities of LG Household & Health Care Ltd. for people in need
      • Doctor K Sports, signed MOU for Celebrity Basketball League
      • Eugene Bell Foundation, signed MOU - the Project for construction Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis ward, North Korea.
      • Held 19th board meeting of directors
      • ImpactWalkers leader, Lee Tae-Ho joined Honors Club
      • An inauguration ceremony for the Goodpeople Advisory Group
      • [Philippines] The ground-breaking ceremony of Capas Aeta dormitory
      • A delivery ceremony of donation goods to underprivileged people in Mongol from Dongjin F&C
    12. 1
      • [Kenya] Im Yeon Sim Goodpeople Mission School's 1st Graduation
      • 2018 Dispatched GOODPEOPLE global volunteers