Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • A delivery ceremony of donation T-shirts from '2016 SEORIPUL Festival'
      • 2016 Year-end fundraising event, 'Bring dream and hope to the unprivileged'
      • A delivery ceremony of Hope-Share Boxes with Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch
      • '2016 Happy Giftmas' with Yoido Full Gospel Church Youth Group
      • Donation of clothings for 3 billion won from WONDERPLACE cooperation
      • A delivery ceremony with Yeongdeungpo area parish
      • Distribution Hope-Share Boxes from 2016 Boxing Day
      • 'Medical Service of Love', participate in 2016 Happy Senior Plan EXPO
      • A delivery ceremony of 'Hope-Share Boxes' to Ansan traditional market
      • [Kenya] Hope Tomorrow Committee visited Samliz Hope School
      • 'Love Concert' in Gwangju Full Gospel Church
      • 'Love Concert' in Gumi Kangdong Church
    2. 11
      • Goodpeople Daegu Gyeongbuk branch Inauguration ceremony and concert
      • Held 2016 Hope Sharing Boxing Day
      • Broadcasted in the SBS Hope TV
      • Delivered support fund for heart disease children in China with Lotte Duty Free Shop
      • Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home
      • Kenya case broadcast in the SBS 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip'
      • Dispatched shoes with SKONO Korea
      • [Philippines] 'Integrated Recovery and Reconstruction Project' monitoring
      • Donation from 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea
    3. 10
      • Donation of vitamins from Vitamin Angels
      • Agreement ceremony with Multi Cultural tv(tv M) for sponsorship activation
      • Goodpeople Free Citizen College's 16th Graduation
      • Delivery of Hope T-shirts in a Sharing Campaign in Ulju-gun, Ulsan
      • Took part in Sharing Festival of Hope Tree arts therapy center
      • Held an "2016 GOODPEOPLE Sharing briefing session"
      • Held an "2016 GOODPEOPLE charity concert"
      • Kenya case broadcast in the SBS 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip'
      • [Vietnam] 'Child Protection Project' monitoring
      • [Vietnam] Haircut Volunteering with Lee Chul HAIR KERKER
      • [Kenya] KOICA Public Private Partnership in Agriculture monitoring
      • [Cambodia] Dispatched GOODPEOPLE global volunteers
      • 'Love Concert' in Ilsan Jesusfamily Church
      • 'Love Concert' in Ilsan Full Gospel Yeongsan Church
    4. 9
      • Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home
      • [Vietnam] 'Water supply and hygiene promotion Project' monitoring
      • Held a Good People workshop
      • [Yangpyung Shelter] launch ceremony of 'Dreaming Farming Cooperative'
      • Wooseong Kim, supported by Good People, appeared in EBS nanum0700
      • Took part in Gangseo fleamarket
      • 'Love Medical Service' by Full Gospel Pishon Church in Gimpo
      • 'Love Medical Service' by Bupyeong Rehabilitation Center in Incheon
      • 'Love Medical Service' by Seoul Seongnam Church
      • 'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Gangbuk Church
    5. 8
      • Hope Tree arts therapy center held the 'WooRE Camp'
      • The ground-breaking ceremony of Dong Huong kindergarten in Ninh Binh province, Viet Nam
      • The ground-breaking ceremony of Cizen Health Center in Nong Trang commune, Phu Tho province, Viet Nam
      • Held the '2016 Together Festival'
      • Free cataract operation in the Philippines
      • Multicultural family support for visiting their home countries
      • Held 'Psychological and Emotional Treatment Camp for Children' with Nokwonhui
      • Dispatched Hope Shoes to Tanzania with Shoemarker
      • Delivery of goods to 'Milal Love Camp'
      • 'Love Concert' in Yeouido Full Gospel Church
      • 'Love Concert' in Songpa Full Gospel Church
    6. 7
      • Signed the MOU with Seegene Medical Foundation - the Project for reconstruction of 'Cizen Health Center', Nong Trang commune, Viet Nam
      • Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home
      • Delivery of daily necessities of LG Household & Health Care Ltd. for people in need
      • Held a 'Domestic Project' Conference
      • 'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Do Bong Church
      • 'Love Medical Service' by Full Gospel Mun Hyeon Church in Busan
      • Appointed Jeongso Park, popera singer, as a sharing ambassador
      • Woohyeon Baek, supported by Good People, threw the first pitch at Doosan Bears vs Samsung Lions Baseball Match
    7. 6
      • 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea, visited Ttangkkeut Community Children Center in Haenam
      • Hold a 'Helping overseas children with heart disease campaign' with Lotte Duty Free Shop
      • Sign the MOU with the Dental Hospital Yonsei University
      • Donation to undernourished children in North Korea from Lee Jong-jin Missionary
      • Hold a meeting with COMINGO, The Vietnam Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs
      • Sign the MOU with '아이사랑애‘
      • 'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Gang Nam Church
    8. 5
      • Fundraising Campaign for earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan
      • Delivery of goods worth 600 million won to underprivileged people in Mongol
      • 'Walking Together' campaign to help kids suffering from rare disease
      • Donation from 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea
      • 2016 Good People overseas branches workshop
      • Established 'Let Your Life Talk', the dialogue of Im Yeon Sim missionary in Turkana
      • 'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Jung Dong Church
    9. 4
      • Mutual cooperation agreement & Bazaar with 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea
      • Volunteer activity to commemorate 'Day of Persons with Disabilities' in Yedam, the facility for severely handicapped
      • 'Malaria Campaign' for public recognition to commemorate 'World Malaria Day'
      • Volunteer work in the Philippines with Asiana Airlines
      • 'SBS Hope TV' first half year filming
      • Charity bazaar to support multicultural families' hometown visit
      • 'Love Concert' in Elim Full Gospel Church
      • 'Love Concert' in Yeoido Full Gospel Church Gangdong Chapel
    10. 3
      • Established 'Hope Tree' arts therapy center
      • 'Happy Plus' arts therapy program
      • Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home
      • 'Love Concert' in Guro Full Gospel Church
      • 'Love Concert' in GwangMyeong Yeoido Full Gospel Church
      • 'Love Medical Service' by Good People medical association, 'Haseong Multiculture Support Center'
      • Staff dispatched in Nairobi, Kenya
    11. 2
      • Jin Jung Sup, president of Good People, got honorary doctorate from Han Sae university
      • ‘Good People Happy House’ was selected and awarded for outstanding case of housing welfare activity
      • Moving-in ceremony for Philippines’ first year ready-built houses
      • Good People’s 17th regular board meeting
      • ‘Love Concert’ in Full Gospel Pyeongtaek center church
      • ‘Love Medical Service’, treatment to children
    12. 1
      • Delivery of ‘Hope Clothes’ to Africa
      • ‘Love concert’ in Ilsan Deundeun Church
      • Good People employee workshop
      • Visit to domestic facilities(All-time Love house, Byeokje Tuberculosis Self-support center, Shalom House)
      • Sharing event and charity flea market for multicultural families
      • ‘Love Medical Service’ to ‘Namyang-Ju foreigner’s welfare center’
      • ‘Love Medical Service’ to Jungnang-gu office
      • ‘Love Medical Service’ to Seoul Sungnam Church