A delivery ceremony of donation T-shirts from '2016 SEORIPUL Festival'

2016 Year-end fundraising event, 'Bring dream and hope to the unprivileged'

A delivery ceremony of Hope-Share Boxes with Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch

'2016 Happy Giftmas' with Yoido Full Gospel Church Youth Group

Donation of clothings for 3 billion won from WONDERPLACE cooperation

A delivery ceremony with Yeongdeungpo area parish

Distribution Hope-Share Boxes from 2016 Boxing Day

'Medical Service of Love', participate in 2016 Happy Senior Plan EXPO

A delivery ceremony of 'Hope-Share Boxes' to Ansan traditional market

[Kenya] Hope Tomorrow Committee visited Samliz Hope School

'Love Concert' in Gwangju Full Gospel Church

'Love Concert' in Gumi Kangdong Church


Goodpeople Daegu Gyeongbuk branch Inauguration ceremony and concert

Held 2016 Hope Sharing Boxing Day

Broadcasted in the SBS Hope TV

Delivered support fund for heart disease children in China with Lotte Duty Free Shop

Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home

Kenya case broadcast in the SBS 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip'

Dispatched shoes with SKONO Korea

[Philippines] 'Integrated Recovery and Reconstruction Project' monitoring

Donation from 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea


Donation of vitamins from Vitamin Angels

Agreement ceremony with Multi Cultural tv(tv M) for sponsorship activation

Goodpeople Free Citizen College's 16th Graduation

Delivery of Hope T-shirts in a Sharing Campaign in Ulju-gun, Ulsan

Took part in Sharing Festival of Hope Tree arts therapy center

Held an "2016 GOODPEOPLE Sharing briefing session"

Held an "2016 GOODPEOPLE charity concert"

Kenya case broadcast in the SBS 'The World's Most Beautiful Trip'

[Vietnam] 'Child Protection Project' monitoring

[Vietnam] Haircut Volunteering with Lee Chul HAIR KERKER

[Kenya] KOICA Public Private Partnership in Agriculture monitoring

[Cambodia] Dispatched GOODPEOPLE global volunteers

'Love Concert' in Ilsan Jesusfamily Church

'Love Concert' in Ilsan Full Gospel Yeongsan Church


Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home

[Vietnam] 'Water supply and hygiene promotion Project' monitoring

Held a Good People workshop

[Yangpyung Shelter] launch ceremony of 'Dreaming Farming Cooperative'

Wooseong Kim, supported by Good People, appeared in EBS nanum0700

Took part in Gangseo fleamarket

'Love Medical Service' by Full Gospel Pishon Church in Gimpo

'Love Medical Service' by Bupyeong Rehabilitation Center in Incheon

'Love Medical Service' by Seoul Seongnam Church

'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Gangbuk Church


Hope Tree arts therapy center held the 'WooRE Camp'

The ground-breaking ceremony of Dong Huong kindergarten in Ninh Binh province, Viet Nam

The ground-breaking ceremony of Cizen Health Center in Nong Trang commune, Phu Tho province, Viet Nam

Held the '2016 Together Festival'

Free cataract operation in the Philippines

Multicultural family support for visiting their home countries

Held 'Psychological and Emotional Treatment Camp for Children' with Nokwonhui

Dispatched Hope Shoes to Tanzania with Shoemarker

Delivery of goods to 'Milal Love Camp'

'Love Concert' in Yeouido Full Gospel Church

'Love Concert' in Songpa Full Gospel Church


Signed the MOU with Seegene Medical Foundation - the Project for reconstruction of 'Cizen Health Center', Nong Trang commune, Viet Nam

Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home

Delivery of daily necessities of LG Household & Health Care Ltd. for people in need

Held a 'Domestic Project' Conference

'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Do Bong Church

'Love Medical Service' by Full Gospel Mun Hyeon Church in Busan

Appointed Jeongso Park, popera singer, as a sharing ambassador

Woohyeon Baek, supported by Good People, threw the first pitch at Doosan Bears vs Samsung Lions Baseball Match


'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea, visited Ttangkkeut Community Children Center in Haenam

Hold a 'Helping overseas children with heart disease campaign' with Lotte Duty Free Shop

Sign the MOU with the Dental Hospital Yonsei University

Donation to undernourished children in North Korea from Lee Jong-jin Missionary

Hold a meeting with COMINGO, The Vietnam Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs

Sign the MOU with '아이사랑애‘

'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Gang Nam Church


Fundraising Campaign for earthquake victims in Ecuador and Japan

Delivery of goods worth 600 million won to underprivileged people in Mongol

'Walking Together' campaign to help kids suffering from rare disease

Donation from 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea

2016 Good People overseas branches workshop

Established 'Let Your Life Talk', the dialogue of Im Yeon Sim missionary in Turkana

'Love Concert' in Full Gospel Jung Dong Church


Mutual cooperation agreement & Bazaar with 'Nokwonhui', the association of Miss Korea

Volunteer activity to commemorate 'Day of Persons with Disabilities' in Yedam, the facility for severely handicapped

'Malaria Campaign' for public recognition to commemorate 'World Malaria Day'

Volunteer work in the Philippines with Asiana Airlines

'SBS Hope TV' first half year filming

Charity bazaar to support multicultural families' hometown visit

'Love Concert' in Elim Full Gospel Church

'Love Concert' in Yeoido Full Gospel Church Gangdong Chapel


Established 'Hope Tree' arts therapy center

'Happy Plus' arts therapy program

Infant support program, 'First Birthday Party' for domestic Group Home

'Love Concert' in Guro Full Gospel Church

'Love Concert' in GwangMyeong Yeoido Full Gospel Church

'Love Medical Service' by Good People medical association, 'Haseong Multiculture Support Center'

Staff dispatched in Nairobi, Kenya


Jin Jung Sup, president of Good People, got honorary doctorate from Han Sae university

‘Good People Happy House’ was selected and awarded for outstanding case of housing welfare activity

Moving-in ceremony for Philippines’ first year ready-built houses

Good People’s 17th regular board meeting

‘Love Concert’ in Full Gospel Pyeongtaek center church

‘Love Medical Service’, treatment to children


Delivery of ‘Hope Clothes’ to Africa

‘Love concert’ in Ilsan Deundeun Church

Good People employee workshop

Visit to domestic facilities(All-time Love house, Byeokje Tuberculosis Self-support center, Shalom House)

Sharing event and charity flea market for multicultural families

‘Love Medical Service’ to ‘Namyang-Ju foreigner’s welfare center’

‘Love Medical Service’ to Jungnang-gu office

‘Love Medical Service’ to Seoul Sungnam Church