Completion ceremony of vocational training project for low-income Vietnam women, ‘Beautiful Classes’

Delivery of ‘Hope-Share Boxes’ to multinational families by Ansan traditional market merchants

2015 year-end fundraising event, special photo exhibition

Delivery of ‘Hope-Share Boxes’ to Haenam-Ttangkkeun village

Fundraising concert for multicultural families

Delivery of Good People mission school donation by Yeouido Full Gospel Church

Good People-Ace High-end Tower, second sponsorship agreement

Child emotional support program “Our Happy Five Senses Travel”

Donation to ‘Children’s Minister 3’ by Yeouido Full Gospel Church


Hold a 2015 Christmas Festival

Gimjang volunteer for Disabled facility

[India] GPI manager in India office awarded the 10th Korean Foreign Volunteer Award

Hold a 2015 Boxing Day

Implement of psychological and emotional treatment program for children

Win an award certificate by Seoul City Hall

Awarded an honor prize from Seoul City Hall

Cataract surgery support for the patients in East Timor

Provide medical service for the homeless

Participate in the fund-raising campaign hosted by SBS, one of Korean major broadcasting station


Goodpeople Free Citizen University’s 15th Graduation

Deliver support fund for heart disease children with Lotte Duty Free Shop

Deliver supplies for flood victims in Myanmar

Have an agreement with ‘아이뎁스라이팅’ in terms of medical support

Multiculture-dept.’s scholarship delivery

Promote business agreement for 2015 Christmas Festival

Hold an event of ‘Lifelong study for sustainable development’ in Ul-ju -

Hold a love concert

Open an experience-booth at ‘Action 2015 Korea’

Start a ‘Share-Korea’ project

Participate in a campaign with Samsung SDI to help premature babies

Hold a ‘Goodpeople Festival’ to celebrate 16th anniversary of foundation.

Open an experience-booth at ‘Hi Seoul Festival’


Signed MOU ― the project for improving School Health

Deliver clothes to Korean diaspora

Lotte Confectionary donates confectionaries

Grant scholarship for Bolivian students by Goodpeople Multiculture dept.

Hold an EYE Campaign with Kim’s eye hospital

Kick off a project to support children’s emotional education

Goodpeople Multiculrue dept. deliver supporting-money

Deliever winter clothes to Mogolia


Delivery of clothes for the disabled in Milal LOVE Camp

[Vietnam] Hold ceremony for the completion of Chun-Mong middle school

Presbyterian Mission, Delivery of clothes for the needy in Pohang

The international team, Delivery of clothes for ‘Indonesia’s Day’

Yeouido Full Gaspel Bundang Church, Delivery of clothes for Kenya children

[Philippines] GPI Cebu branch provided emergency relief of the poor residing in Mactan

[Vietnam] PACCOM delegation visited GPI

CGI deaprtment, ‘Dahaeng KOREA’ Proclamation Ceremony

Held the ‘Love concert’ at Full Gaspel Sungdong Church

Domestic child sponsorship team conducted Children’s Emotional Support Program at Community Childcare Center in Hayang

Free Citizens College joined the DMZ Train Program


Partnership with CGI department for the better support toward neglected people

Delivery of clothes for North Korean refugees


Hold a workshop composed of the representatives of GPI overseas branches

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Se-jong General Hospital

[Vietnam] Opening ceremony of ‘Beautiful class’ with Aisana Airlines

[Philippines] The ground-breaking ceremony of the restoration project of Samar Island

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Seegene Medical Foundation

Have a completion ceremony of Korean class at the Department of Supporting Multicultural Projects

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Full Gospel Gangnam Church


[Nepal Earthquakes] Dispatch medical team for Nepal earthquakes emergency relief

Sign the MOU for social contribution between Goodpeople and Seegene Medical Foundation

Have an opening ceremony of An-san multicultural center

Hold an agreement ceremony of education

[Nepal Earthquakes] Conduct fundraising campaign of Nepal Earthquakes

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donations from Guk-min-il-bo and Yeouido Full Gospel Church

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Buk Incheon information Industry High School

[Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from the Bridge of Alberta Ethnic which is cooperative canadian branch of GPI

Participate in 2015 SBS HopeTV that is a social funding program of SBS


[Civic College for Freedom] the 15th entrance ceremony

[Nepal Emergency Relief] Dispatch 1st Emergency relief team for the earthquake victims

Good People Doctor’s Association provided medical service for residents of Yang-pyeong and Yeong-am.

Goodpeople’s female volunteer group offered voluntary service at Ye-dam care-center for the severely disabled people.


Health of kidney campaign was carried on to celebrate ‘World Kidney Day’

Operate a promotion booth at Goyang HIFC’s 2015 opening game

[Philippines] GPI Cebu branch offered emergency relief of the poor residing in Talamban

The 2nd conference of GPI Doctor’s Association was held

Completion ceremony of opening Hae-nam group-home


[Philippines] GPI Cebu branch provided emergency relief of the poor residing in Mactan

Rice and daily necessity donation from Handok cosmetics

The 16th periodical board of directors was held

The 16th regular general meeting was held

‘Love concert’ was held by Suwon Jeil Church

‘6minute walking campaign’ was conducted to raise awareness of rare disease


Donation from Lotte Duty Free Shop for helping Vietnamese children with heart disease

[Philippines] Completion to renovate water facilities in the Pilien village where Aeta tribe has lived in

[North Korea] Sign the MOU to support medical clinic’s renovation

2015 GPI staff workshop was held