Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • Completion ceremony of vocational training project for low-income Vietnam women, ‘Beautiful Classes’
      • Delivery of ‘Hope-Share Boxes’ to multinational families by Ansan traditional market merchants
      • 2015 year-end fundraising event, special photo exhibition
      • Delivery of ‘Hope-Share Boxes’ to Haenam-Ttangkkeun village
      • Fundraising concert for multicultural families
      • Delivery of Good People mission school donation by Yeouido Full Gospel Church
      • Good People-Ace High-end Tower, second sponsorship agreement
      • Child emotional support program “Our Happy Five Senses Travel”
      • Donation to ‘Children’s Minister 3’ by Yeouido Full Gospel Church
    2. 11
      • Hold a 2015 Christmas Festival
      • Gimjang volunteer for Disabled facility
      • [India] GPI manager in India office awarded the 10th Korean Foreign Volunteer Award
      • Hold a 2015 Boxing Day
      • Implement of psychological and emotional treatment program for children
      • Win an award certificate by Seoul City Hall
      • Awarded an honor prize from Seoul City Hall
      • Cataract surgery support for the patients in East Timor
      • Provide medical service for the homeless
      • Participate in the fund-raising campaign hosted by SBS, one of Korean major broadcasting station
    3. 10
      • Goodpeople Free Citizen University’s 15th Graduation
      • Deliver support fund for heart disease children with Lotte Duty Free Shop
      • Deliver supplies for flood victims in Myanmar
      • Have an agreement with ‘아이뎁스라이팅’ in terms of medical support
      • Multiculture-dept.’s scholarship delivery
      • Promote business agreement for 2015 Christmas Festival
      • Hold an event of ‘Lifelong study for sustainable development’ in Ul-ju -
      • Hold a love concert
      • Open an experience-booth at ‘Action 2015 Korea’
      • Start a ‘Share-Korea’ project
      • Participate in a campaign with Samsung SDI to help premature babies
      • Hold a ‘Goodpeople Festival’ to celebrate 16th anniversary of foundation.
      • Open an experience-booth at ‘Hi Seoul Festival’
    4. 9
      • Signed MOU ― the project for improving School Health
      • Deliver clothes to Korean diaspora
      • Lotte Confectionary donates confectionaries
      • Grant scholarship for Bolivian students by Goodpeople Multiculture dept.
      • Hold an EYE Campaign with Kim’s eye hospital
      • Kick off a project to support children’s emotional education
      • Goodpeople Multiculrue dept. deliver supporting-money
      • Deliever winter clothes to Mogolia
    5. 8
      • Delivery of clothes for the disabled in Milal LOVE Camp
      • [Vietnam] Hold ceremony for the completion of Chun-Mong middle school
      • Presbyterian Mission, Delivery of clothes for the needy in Pohang
      • The international team, Delivery of clothes for ‘Indonesia’s Day’
      • Yeouido Full Gaspel Bundang Church, Delivery of clothes for Kenya children
      • [Philippines] GPI Cebu branch provided emergency relief of the poor residing in Mactan
      • [Vietnam] PACCOM delegation visited GPI
      • CGI deaprtment, ‘Dahaeng KOREA’ Proclamation Ceremony
      • Held the ‘Love concert’ at Full Gaspel Sungdong Church
      • Domestic child sponsorship team conducted Children’s Emotional Support Program at Community Childcare Center in Hayang
      • Free Citizens College joined the DMZ Train Program
    6. 7
      • Partnership with CGI department for the better support toward neglected people
      • Delivery of clothes for North Korean refugees
    7. 6
      • Hold a workshop composed of the representatives of GPI overseas branches
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Se-jong General Hospital
      • [Vietnam] Opening ceremony of ‘Beautiful class’ with Aisana Airlines
      • [Philippines] The ground-breaking ceremony of the restoration project of Samar Island
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Seegene Medical Foundation
      • Have a completion ceremony of Korean class at the Department of Supporting Multicultural Projects
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Full Gospel Gangnam Church
    8. 5
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Dispatch medical team for Nepal earthquakes emergency relief
      • Sign the MOU for social contribution between Goodpeople and Seegene Medical Foundation
      • Have an opening ceremony of An-san multicultural center
      • Hold an agreement ceremony of education
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Conduct fundraising campaign of Nepal Earthquakes
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donations from Guk-min-il-bo and Yeouido Full Gospel Church
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from Buk Incheon information Industry High School
      • [Nepal Earthquakes] Donation from the Bridge of Alberta Ethnic which is cooperative canadian branch of GPI
      • Participate in 2015 SBS HopeTV that is a social funding program of SBS
    9. 4
      • [Civic College for Freedom] the 15th entrance ceremony
      • [Nepal Emergency Relief] Dispatch 1st Emergency relief team for the earthquake victims
      • Good People Doctor’s Association provided medical service for residents of Yang-pyeong and Yeong-am.
      • Goodpeople’s female volunteer group offered voluntary service at Ye-dam care-center for the severely disabled people.
    10. 3
      • Health of kidney campaign was carried on to celebrate ‘World Kidney Day’
      • Operate a promotion booth at Goyang HIFC’s 2015 opening game
      • [Philippines] GPI Cebu branch offered emergency relief of the poor residing in Talamban
      • The 2nd conference of GPI Doctor’s Association was held
      • Completion ceremony of opening Hae-nam group-home
    11. 2
      • [Philippines] GPI Cebu branch provided emergency relief of the poor residing in Mactan
      • Rice and daily necessity donation from Handok cosmetics
      • The 16th periodical board of directors was held
      • The 16th regular general meeting was held
      • ‘Love concert’ was held by Suwon Jeil Church
      • ‘6minute walking campaign’ was conducted to raise awareness of rare disease
    12. 1
      • Donation from Lotte Duty Free Shop for helping Vietnamese children with heart disease
      • [Philippines] Completion to renovate water facilities in the Pilien village where Aeta tribe has lived in
      • [North Korea] Sign the MOU to support medical clinic’s renovation
      • 2015 GPI staff workshop was held