A delivery ceremony of fund to help the needy with Yeouido Full Gospel Church Presbytery

A ground-breaking ceremony of Jjeonmong middle school in Vietnam

Held a sponsor concert celebrating Good People’s 15anniversary

A delivery ceremony of fund for ‘Community Child Center for after-school education’ with inet-school

A delivery ceremony of fund tor Ttangkkeut Group Home extension with Yeouido Full Gospel Church Deaconess Council

A delivery ceremony of fund Love Piggy-bank with KLAPP

A delivery ceremony of fund for Ttangkkeut Group Home extension with Yeouido Full Gospel Church daecon

Held a 2014 year-end coin collecting fundraising event called ‘Interest or 99%’


Implemented the Medical Service of Love for the homeless in Yangpyeong Shelter with Good People

Medical Service Group

Completion of restoration of Tacloban public library

Joined 2014 the latter half of the year SBS Hope TV Charity campaign

Dispatch goods from 2014 together festival

Gimjang voluntary service for severely handicapped people with Yedam, a Good People’s Female Corps

Held the 2014 Korean Christmas Ceremony-Christmas tree lightening ceremony

Held the 2014 Hope Sharing Boxing day


Free Citizens College, the 14Graduation

The change of the 8president and vice-president

Donation of moisture cream for children in community child centers with Laboratories Cinfa

The 9th anniversary of Dongjak Silver Canter & an event for the Day of Older persons

Held a Good People Festival celebrating 15anniversary

Love Sharing Corps received commendation from minister of Secretary of Health and Human Service

Joined the White band Campaign with GCAP Korea

An agreement ceremony of ‘Vietnam Kerker School Construction’ with Leechul Hair Kerker

Held the ‘2014 Together Festival’

Appointed an actor ‘Kim HoJin’ as a honorary ambassador


Held the opening ceremany of ‘Good People Happy House’, a social housing for the homeless

Held a WooRE Conference

A delivery ceremony of medical devices with KOFIH

Held the ‘NolZa Camp’ for Group Home children in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do with AJ Rent Car

Held the ‘Love Concert’ at Full Gospel Gangnam Church

Held a delivery ceremony of ‘Sendign Home garments to Africa’ with Ulju-gun

Held a Daegu Youth Service Center workshop


Held the ‘WooRE Camp’ for children in ansan

Held a field trip in Nepal

Sign a business agreement with Goyang Hi FC

Participated in joint campaign with KCOC for 2014 World Humani;tarian Day

Held a Relief Event for low income groups with Good People Cebu Branch in Philippine

Sign a business agreement with CTS for 2014 Korean Christmas Ceremony

Held the ‘WooRE Psychological Supporter’s Camp & Workshop’

Held the ‘Love Concert’ at Young-Adult Fast Great Assembly


Held a completion ceremony of kindergarten in Daiduc, Vietnam

An award ceremony of appreciation for relief activities

Held a sponsor campaign on the construction of a Group Home at Ttangkkeut village in Korea with ‘2014

The Holy Spirit’ assembly

Held a 2014 Good People workshop for international branches

An agreement ceremony for ‘Sending Hope Garment to Africa’ with Ulju-gun

A delivery ceremony of supporting a training program for North Korea refugees with Export-Import Bank of Korea

A businees agreement ceremony with Ansan Christian Council

Held a PTSD seminar at Seoul Cyber University

Held a ‘Love Concert’ at Full Gospel Yeongsan Church


Signed a partnership with IsraAID to provide psychological support to Sewol ferry victims

A delivery ceremony of fund for the well project in Mombasa, Kenya

Held a PTSD seminar for psychology counselors

Supporting high blood pressure patients who are in vulnerable social groups with Korean MSD

Delivery of fund for trauma treatment from Good People Canada, the cooperation branch

Held a PTSD seminar in Yonsei University

Implemented a relief event for fire damaged enibors with Good People

Held a workshop for professional counseling teachers

Built and appointed the overseas branch in Madagascar

Joined 2014 the first half year SBS Hope TV Charity campaign


Awarded ‘2014 1st Happy Sharing Person’ of Good People volunteer ‘Park Jong-Son’

Dispatch of Hope Shoes to Madagascar with SKONO Korea

Held 2014 Good People Workshop

Service of Good People Woman Volunteer Team for Yedam Welfare Facility for the disabled

Construction ceremony with Holy Spirit and Good People for Group home ‘DdangKeuk’

Delivery of donation ‘KBS Love Request’ for Hunter Syndrome Brothers

Medical treatment of Medical Service of Love for Disabled Day

Held a Donation Campaign with Kukmin News for Sewol Ship victims


Held a 1st Love Concert

Had a free Cataract Operation in DR Congo

Supported a ‘Kidney Love Campaign’ with Boram Funeral for vulnerable social group in Seocul

Held a 1st Good People medical association confernece

Participated a ‘Little action –Worth living Campaign’

Delivery of donation for Homeless Support Housing

Held a bazaar for World Water Day

Delivery ceremony of Clothes for neglected social group in Republic of South Sudan

Delivery ceremony of Rice with Nanum Store company

Named Lee Jin-woo and Lee Eng-Kyung as a honorary ambassadors

Entrance Ceremony of Free citizens college 14term


Held an agreement ceremony of ‘Fashion for the 3world’

Named Tenor Choi Seong-Soo, Namuen, Inchielo as a honorary ambassador

Held 15board meeting of directors

Held 15general assembly

Extension of Xamkhon elementary school, water supply and sanitation program in Laos

Held a campaign ‘Lotte pleasure Box’ with Lotte Group

Delivery of milk powder for low income group with Il-dong Group

Award a Scholarship by honorary ambassador, Ha Man-Tek

Delivery of donation for Han Ji-Hoon by ‘Kidney Love Campaign’ with Boram Funeral

Signed MOU with Kukmin News for Lent Campaign

Named Lee Elijah as a honorary ambassador

Opening ceremony of Turkana Lim Yeon-sim Mission school


Held a ‘2014 New Year Worship’

‘Merry Giftmas’ Day with Yeoido Full Gospel Church Youth Team

New year concert with honorary ambassador, Ha Man-Tek for Typhoon Haiyen Refugees

Hold ceremony for completion of Yoattikji highschool in Myanmar

Delivery of clothes for Hope School in Mongol

Held a ‘Medical Service of Love’ in Ansan multiculture center with GoodPeople medical association

Completion of after school program in Taitong city, Taiwan

Delivery of 5 tons of milk powder to Hwanghaenamdo province in North Korea