Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • A delivery ceremony of fund to help the needy with Yeouido Full Gospel Church Presbytery
      • A ground-breaking ceremony of Jjeonmong middle school in Vietnam
      • Held a sponsor concert celebrating Good People’s 15anniversary
      • A delivery ceremony of fund for ‘Community Child Center for after-school education’ with inet-school
      • A delivery ceremony of fund tor Ttangkkeut Group Home extension with Yeouido Full Gospel Church Deaconess Council
      • A delivery ceremony of fund Love Piggy-bank with KLAPP
      • A delivery ceremony of fund for Ttangkkeut Group Home extension with Yeouido Full Gospel Church daecon
      • Held a 2014 year-end coin collecting fundraising event called ‘Interest or 99%’
    2. 11
      • Implemented the Medical Service of Love for the homeless in Yangpyeong Shelter with Good People
      • Medical Service Group
      • Completion of restoration of Tacloban public library
      • Joined 2014 the latter half of the year SBS Hope TV Charity campaign
      • Dispatch goods from 2014 together festival
      • Gimjang voluntary service for severely handicapped people with Yedam, a Good People’s Female Corps
      • Held the 2014 Korean Christmas Ceremony-Christmas tree lightening ceremony
      • Held the 2014 Hope Sharing Boxing day
    3. 10
      • Free Citizens College, the 14Graduation
      • The change of the 8president and vice-president
      • Donation of moisture cream for children in community child centers with Laboratories Cinfa
      • The 9th anniversary of Dongjak Silver Canter & an event for the Day of Older persons
      • Held a Good People Festival celebrating 15anniversary
      • Love Sharing Corps received commendation from minister of Secretary of Health and Human Service
      • Joined the White band Campaign with GCAP Korea
      • An agreement ceremony of ‘Vietnam Kerker School Construction’ with Leechul Hair Kerker
      • Held the ‘2014 Together Festival’
      • Appointed an actor ‘Kim HoJin’ as a honorary ambassador
    4. 9
      • Held the opening ceremany of ‘Good People Happy House’, a social housing for the homeless
      • Held a WooRE Conference
      • A delivery ceremony of medical devices with KOFIH
      • Held the ‘NolZa Camp’ for Group Home children in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do with AJ Rent Car
      • Held the ‘Love Concert’ at Full Gospel Gangnam Church
      • Held a delivery ceremony of ‘Sendign Home garments to Africa’ with Ulju-gun
      • Held a Daegu Youth Service Center workshop
    5. 8
      • Held the ‘WooRE Camp’ for children in ansan
      • Held a field trip in Nepal
      • Sign a business agreement with Goyang Hi FC
      • Participated in joint campaign with KCOC for 2014 World Humani;tarian Day
      • Held a Relief Event for low income groups with Good People Cebu Branch in Philippine
      • Sign a business agreement with CTS for 2014 Korean Christmas Ceremony
      • Held the ‘WooRE Psychological Supporter’s Camp & Workshop’
      • Held the ‘Love Concert’ at Young-Adult Fast Great Assembly
    6. 7
      • Held a completion ceremony of kindergarten in Daiduc, Vietnam
      • An award ceremony of appreciation for relief activities
      • Held a sponsor campaign on the construction of a Group Home at Ttangkkeut village in Korea with ‘2014
      • The Holy Spirit’ assembly
      • Held a 2014 Good People workshop for international branches
      • An agreement ceremony for ‘Sending Hope Garment to Africa’ with Ulju-gun
      • A delivery ceremony of supporting a training program for North Korea refugees with Export-Import Bank of Korea
      • A businees agreement ceremony with Ansan Christian Council
      • Held a PTSD seminar at Seoul Cyber University
      • Held a ‘Love Concert’ at Full Gospel Yeongsan Church
    7. 5
      • Signed a partnership with IsraAID to provide psychological support to Sewol ferry victims
      • A delivery ceremony of fund for the well project in Mombasa, Kenya
      • Held a PTSD seminar for psychology counselors
      • Supporting high blood pressure patients who are in vulnerable social groups with Korean MSD
      • Delivery of fund for trauma treatment from Good People Canada, the cooperation branch
      • Held a PTSD seminar in Yonsei University
      • Implemented a relief event for fire damaged enibors with Good People
      • Held a workshop for professional counseling teachers
      • Built and appointed the overseas branch in Madagascar
      • Joined 2014 the first half year SBS Hope TV Charity campaign
    8. 4
      • Awarded ‘2014 1st Happy Sharing Person’ of Good People volunteer ‘Park Jong-Son’
      • Dispatch of Hope Shoes to Madagascar with SKONO Korea
      • Held 2014 Good People Workshop
      • Service of Good People Woman Volunteer Team for Yedam Welfare Facility for the disabled
      • Construction ceremony with Holy Spirit and Good People for Group home ‘DdangKeuk’
      • Delivery of donation ‘KBS Love Request’ for Hunter Syndrome Brothers
      • Medical treatment of Medical Service of Love for Disabled Day
      • Held a Donation Campaign with Kukmin News for Sewol Ship victims
    9. 3
      • Held a 1st Love Concert
      • Had a free Cataract Operation in DR Congo
      • Supported a ‘Kidney Love Campaign’ with Boram Funeral for vulnerable social group in Seocul
      • Held a 1st Good People medical association confernece
      • Participated a ‘Little action –Worth living Campaign’
      • Delivery of donation for Homeless Support Housing
      • Held a bazaar for World Water Day
      • Delivery ceremony of Clothes for neglected social group in Republic of South Sudan
      • Delivery ceremony of Rice with Nanum Store company
      • Named Lee Jin-woo and Lee Eng-Kyung as a honorary ambassadors
      • Entrance Ceremony of Free citizens college 14term
    10. 2
      • Held an agreement ceremony of ‘Fashion for the 3world’
      • Named Tenor Choi Seong-Soo, Namuen, Inchielo as a honorary ambassador
      • Held 15board meeting of directors
      • Held 15general assembly
      • Extension of Xamkhon elementary school, water supply and sanitation program in Laos
      • Held a campaign ‘Lotte pleasure Box’ with Lotte Group
      • Delivery of milk powder for low income group with Il-dong Group
      • Award a Scholarship by honorary ambassador, Ha Man-Tek
      • Delivery of donation for Han Ji-Hoon by ‘Kidney Love Campaign’ with Boram Funeral
      • Signed MOU with Kukmin News for Lent Campaign
      • Named Lee Elijah as a honorary ambassador
      • Opening ceremony of Turkana Lim Yeon-sim Mission school
    11. 1
      • Held a ‘2014 New Year Worship’
      • ‘Merry Giftmas’ Day with Yeoido Full Gospel Church Youth Team
      • New year concert with honorary ambassador, Ha Man-Tek for Typhoon Haiyen Refugees
      • Hold ceremony for completion of Yoattikji highschool in Myanmar
      • Delivery of clothes for Hope School in Mongol
      • Held a ‘Medical Service of Love’ in Ansan multiculture center with GoodPeople medical association
      • Completion of after school program in Taitong city, Taiwan
      • Delivery of 5 tons of milk powder to Hwanghaenamdo province in North Korea