Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 12
      • Year-end volunteer bathing service in bethany village
      • Held a Christmas cake event for charity
      • Sent 300 tons of soybeans to North Korea
    2. 11
      • Sent Emergency supplies to cyclone-hit Bangladesh
      • Donated anti-TB medicine to the Philippines
    3. 10
      • Free Citizens College graduation ceremony
      • Cataract operations performed in China, Supported by the Group for Blindness Prevention
    4. 9
      • Opening Ceremony for Good People House
      • Cataract operations performed on Vietnam, Supported by the Group for Blindness Prevention
      • Water jar donation ceremony for the Vietnam Water Project
    5. 8
      • Sent Emergency supplies to flood-stricken areas of North Korea
    6. 7
      • Cataract operations performed in inner Mongolia, supported by the Group by Blindness Prevention
      • Summertime voluntary health care service in Haenam-gun (Country)
    7. 6
      • Performed operations on children suffering from disease in Afganistan
    8. 5
      • Completion of a national primary school in Indonesia
    9. 4
      • Hosted a sponsorship Night event on the 8th anniversary of Launching GPI's Founding
    10. 3
      • Launch of the Comprehensive African Development Project
      • Completion ceremony of the Vocational Training Center in Sri Lanka
    11. 2
      • Cataract operations performed in the Philippines, supported by the Group for Blindness Prevention
    12. 1
      • Granted Special Consultative Status by UN ECOSOC