Here is the history of Good People who has been walking since 1999.

    1. 8
      • Concluded an agreement on medicine support with North Korea
    2. 7
      • Foreign service workers dispatched to Afghanistan
      • Performed cataract operations on ethnic Koreans in Hunchun City, China(38 people)
    3. 6
      • Good People Hospice was registered with the Korea Hospice Association
    4. 5
      • Began flood relief work (1,400 volunteers, relief aid worth $570K)
      • Concluded the 'Better World Campaign' agrement with Kukmin Newspaper
      • Kenya Good People was registered as an NGO
    5. 4
      • 2002 Love Africa' (voluntary medical service in Kenya)
    6. 3
      • Philippines anti-TB project was designated as a KOICA support project
      • Appointed comedian Park, Su-hong as a Goodwill Abvassador
      • Sent 1,000 liters of corn seeds and 1,050 tons of fertilizer to North Korea
    7. 2
      • Founding of the Civic Freedom College (training institute to support the settiement of North Korea defectors)
    8. 1
      • Groundbreaking ceremony for the Taiegaon school in Pune, India