Goodpeople NGO volunteer group

NGO volunteer group project is a part of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and sends volunteer group under supervision of Korea Council for Overseas Cooperation.

  • Recruitment and deployment period
    Recruitment in December/ deployment in March
  • Individual expenses
    airline fee, living expense, insurance fee, visa, etc. (living expense is covered by regulation of KOICA)
  • Destination countries
    Goodpeople international branches

Goodpeople child sponsorship volunteer group

Goodpeople supervises Goodpeople child sponsorship volunteer group. Twice in each year, the volunteer group is recruited and sent to foreign branches to complete works related to child sponsorship.

  • Individual expenses
    airline fee, living expenses, insurance, visa processing fee, etc. (current living expenses are supported $600 per month)
  • Destination countries
    changes based ongoing project during that year, prioritized to areas that sponsored children live.

Requirements for international volunteer

Requirements for applying to Goodpeople NGO volunteer and international volunteer group is as follows. The person must: be over 20 years of age, have interest and knowledge in NGO activity, is physically fit enough to volunteer overseas for over a year, have no disqualifications for travel outside of country, and have active and social personality overall good relationship between other volunteers as well as people in the area of volunteering.