Medical facility establishment and medical service

Goodpeople builds hospitals and health center, improves medical facility, supplies medical equipment, medicine, and physicians to 3rd world countries that are more vulnerable to diseases. Through such provisions, the beneficiary regions have improved medical facilities and its population receives medical treatments that will be able to prevent future acquisition of diseases and even deaths.

  • Projects in progress

    international medical support for children with cardiac disease (Kenya, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and other 3rd world countries)
    Capas City Hospital construction (Philippines Tarlac City Capas region)/ Santa Juliana health center construction and management (Santa Juliana, Tarlac City)
    Mombasa health center construction and management (Mombasa and Matuga, Kenya)/ Bangladesh medical center construction (Mirpur, Daka, Bangladesh)
    Democratic Republic of the Congo Maljjang center management

  • Completed projects

    Philippines tuberculosis treatment project (Caloocan, Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Rizal, and Cavit penitentiary jails, Pampanga drug prison, Zambales province)
    Support in Kyeongsinjin Hospital near Janbian, China
    Namanga clinic center construction (Namanga, Kenya)/ Kyanpin health center construction (Kyanktan, Myanmar)
    Ilmarma health center construction and management (Ilmarma, Kenya)
    Haiti cholera clinic management (Cité Soleil, Haiti)
    International blindness prevention project (China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Philippines, Bangladesh, and other 3rd world countries) )