Education project

Centered around areas where receiving education is difficult, Goodpeople constructs preschools, primary and secondary schools, vocational training schools, libraries, and dormitories. In addition, Goodpeople sends experts in educations to open teacher’s workshop and develop human resources.

  • Projects in progress

    Kenya Turkana Yeon Shim Lee Goodpeople Mission School/
    Samlis School of Hope remodeling/
    Munke Imani Elementary School contruction/
    Uganda Namalu School of Hope construction/
    Madagascar Toamasina School of Hope construction/
    Madagascar Ampepiloha child protection center construction/
    Vietnam vocational school specialized in education in women’s service industry.

  • Completed projects

    Bangladesh textile technical school (Dhaka region)/
    IT center construction in refuge and poor villages in Palestine (Madama camp, Madama Orphanage, Madama Main Center, Talbiyeh camp, Wahdat camp)
    Bantul Dong Elementary School construction (Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
    Ywar Thit Kalay Elementary-Middle School construction (Ywar Thit Kalay, Kyauktan, Myanmar )
    Sri Lanka Vocational Training Center construction (Gampaha, Sri Lanka)
    Philippines Angeles Technical School construction (Cutud, Angeles, Pamanga, Philippines)
    Philippines Alunan Elementary School construction (Alunan, Capas, Philippines)
    Wegyi Elementary and Middle School, Pelakat Elementary School, Kyanpin Elementary and Middle School construction (Wegyi, Pelakat, Kyanpin in Kyauktan, Myanmar)
    Longxan Middle and High School construction (Laos Moung home Strict Longxan )
    Longxan, Phalaveak ICT General Center construction and management (Laos Moung home Longxan, Phalaveak)
    Maasai Tribe Ilmarma kindergarten construction and management (Kenya Ilmarba)
    Talegaon Dormitory construction (Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, India))