Child Protection Project

Goodpeople is running Child Protection Project to help children that are suffering from extremely poor circumstances throughout the world. Goodpeople provides adjusted education, meal, medical treatment, and protection based on the child’s need in various categories such as illiteracy, hunger, abuse, disease, etc., so that the child can live healthier.

  • Projects in progress

    Madagascar Ampepiloha Hope child protection center
    Bangladesh free meal program

  • Completed projects

    India street children project (Indra park, Munirka, sahabad dairy)
    Kenya refuge children free meal project (Limuru, Kenya)

1:1 International Child Sponsorship

1:1 international child sponsorship aids each child to grow physically, emotionally, socially healthy by improving their life style and providing fundamental education, medical treatment, and nourishment. Moreover, in addition to directly sponsoring the child, Goodpeople also provides improvements on the child’s residing region so that the fundamental necessities are improved in the child’s life. Countries that Goodpeople forms

  • 1:1 child sponsorship: Philippines, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Nepal, Laos, Mongloia, Malawi, and Bangladesh.