Share the love program

provides support to live-alone elders, disabled persons, head of household children, near poverty families, and disability centers so that they do not fall below the absolute poverty line. The program currently provides food and living expenses to 80 households and 5 disability centers. Moreover, Ladies volunteer group visits elderly nurse facilities and disability care centers to provide manual help in maintaining and improving personal hygiene. They also organize annual birthday party and festivals to create memorable moments for the people in need.

Dongjak silver center management

Dongjak silver center is a professional elderly care facility. The facility is 4 upper levels and 1 underground level building with multipurpose room, physical therapy, exercise therapy, and communal bathroom. For a low cost, it cares for and protects elders with physical and mental limitations. Goodpeople runs consign management of Dongjak silver center.

Contact information) 02-821-0091

Goodpeople silver house management

Based on social welfare ideals, it provides various services to match the interests of different elders. It manages homes for healthy and beautiful retirement life. Goodpeople silver house is located in Geonggi province Anseong city. The facility is two 3~4 upper levels and 1 underground level buildings with 77 single and double rooms. It works to ensure that the elders enjoy safe and comfortable life.

Contact information) 031-671-2295

Yangpeong Resting Place/ Homeless shelter Happiness house management

Goodpeople is managing Yangpeong Resting Place and Homeless shelter, Happiness House, to give homeless the place and opportunity to recover and re-enter the working population. We organized and manage these programs to provide homeless people with warm place to stay, rebuild self-reliance, and sense of community so that they are emotionally healed and are able to recover as active working members of the society.

Yangpeong Resting Place) 031-775-4940

Happiness House) 02-783-2291 [Goodpeople Secretary department]