Foundation background

When North Korean defectors entered South Korean society, they faced multiple challenges such as maladjustment to capitalism, culture shock, internal trauma from defection. Goodpeople wanted to provide more than a mere support and strive to aid the defectors in successful settlement in South Korea. Therefore, Goodpeople founded educational facility that is specifically suited to the defectors, providing realistic, systemic, integrated education.


  • Stabilizing maladjustment and strengthening economic capability of North Korean defectors.
  • Suggesting human resource development model for the defectors to be more competitive in high salary job market.
  • Developing human resources ready to contribute to South-North Korea economic cooperation.

Education goal and process

Based on Christian values, Free Citizen College provides well-rounded integrated education for successful settlement of North Korean defectors.
The whole education process is a total of 8 months. During the first 6 months, the college educates the students the necessary knowledge for initial adjustment. During the last 2 months, the college provides in-depth education to facilitate the students’ settlement in the society.

교육방향에 대한 설명 교육방향에 대한 설명

  • establishment of healthy emotional state
  • establishment of self-identity
  • development of economic independence
  • establishment of community values
Section educational contents educational period
Basic composition education character education, education in understanding South Korean society, education in adjustment to informational age, vocational training (overcoming challenges during recruiting, improving competitiveness in job competition, adjusting to work environment), venture training (understanding of venturing, basics of venturing, executive aspect of venture) 6 months
In-depth education employment department, venture department 2 months
Special activity Retreats, historical culture experience, on-site visits, volunteer activity, graduation trip