Child support program

  • Safe child program (newborn/infant care)

    organizes shelter and caregiver for the newborns who are abandoned at birth in order for them to grow in a healthy and safe environment.
    The program supports all necessary formula, diapers, clothes, and medical bills.

  • Healthy child program (child health care)

    provides financial support to make sure that children with urgent medical issue and rare disease disorder get the necessary and proper diagnostic tests, treatments, and surgeries.

  • Happy child program (child emotional care)

    assess children’s interests and develop programs.
    The program cooperates with the child, the family, and the community in running the developed programs, so that the children’s rights to act and play like children is protected.

  • Never ending happy story program (post-graduation support)

    interacts with young adults who, after graduating from group home or regional childcare center, are not able to enter college or find a job.
    The program provides vocational education and stimulates exchange of new venture items.

Haenam regional childcare center support program, House of Angel management

are running several programs such as child/teenager meal program, overnight care for children, afterschool tutoring, soccer class, and culture experience program.

Domestic child sponsorship program

connects children of families in poverty, illness, or disability throughout the country with sponsors to provide appropriate care for children. In order to give standardized and systemized service to children based on their specific needs, the program provides support to individual child as well as to the regional organization that directly cares for the child.